Advanced Communications

Queuing System: A system used to control queues of people in a certain location such as banks.

Nurse Call: A button next to hospital beds that allows the patient to call the nurse or other staff members in a hospital.

Bed Head Units: Units installed above hospital beds which enable access to electrical sockets and medical equipment

Public Address and Music: A system of speakers used to play sound, whether music or information or calls in public for several people at a time.

Distribution: A system that delivers energy resources.

Audio / Video: The installation and monitoring of audio systems and video recorders and players.

IP Intercom: A communication system used within the same perimeter.

Videophone: A communication system that allows video and audio display at the same time.

Digital Signage: Signs used to display information or advertisement for the public.

Queuing System
Nurse Call
Bed Head Units
Public address & Music
Audio / Video
IP Intercom
Digital Signage

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